Decatur, Georgia:  “The Libertarian Party of DeKalb County (LP DeKalb) announced today they are reaching out to workers in the banking industry struggling with how to make a clean break into legitimate industries.  The novel program LP DeKalb introduced is called “Bankers Anonymous”.   Loosely patterned on Alcoholics Anonymous and similar programs, the 7-step program will meet in secret locations and use first names only, protecting the identity of bankers taking this decisive step to admit their addiction to income derived from counterfeiting (fiat paper money), fraud (fractional reserve lending), and theft (government bailouts and “insurance” at taxpayer expense).

“Says LP DeKalb Chairman David Montané, ‘This will seem like a joke to some, but bankers have been known to commit suicide, in some cases we suspect because they realize they have staked their career on a systemically corrupt industry.  They had no idea when they started how banks defraud people of enormous wealth.  Often decades pass before they realize this.  Many work in jobs sheltered from such knowledge, some are in denial, and the rest continue hiding behind a veil of respectability.’

“After several years of economic malaise, and nearly 100 years since the Federal Reserve System was instituted, many citizens and some bankers are waking up to the reality that the U.S. banking system is based on counterfeit money, fraudulent loans and government bailouts.  LP DeKalb wants bankers to know, unlike the Occupy Wall Street movement, libertarians understand, and you can turn to them for help.”

For meeting details, e-mail “organizer (at) bankersanonymous (dot) com”.  Comments on this site are monitored prior to posting.

  1. We realized and acknowledged that fiat money, fractional reserve lending and dependence on government bailouts and protection has immeasurably harmed people, and that, knowingly or not, we have been directly responsible for a portion of this harm.
  2. We discovered bankers who managed to get out of the industry, or who found a way to return their banks to sound money, full reserve lending practices and private insurance.
  3. We individually considered and discussed with one of these predecessors, or with a neutral adult, the harm we have done, and how we might make restitution or otherwise restore balance, facing the fact that in some situations no direct redress is possible.
  4. Wherever possible, we made amends with all those harmed.
  5. We got jobs in industries that do not use deception or coercion, or in banking jobs that practice sound money, full reserve lending and private insurance.
  6. We continued to take personal inventory, and to both admit our wrongs and celebrate our achievements.
  7. Having made amends and ending our own dependence on fraudulent banking practices, we carried this message to other bankers, benefiting them with our experience.”